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Famous Rhodes

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Welcome to Steps for SOS 5K Challenge

Famous Rhodes

Thank you for visiting, as the picture is from several years ago when I started this journey with SOS Village and my daughter was so happy to be part of the walk. Since then a lot has changed, as SOS Villages has touched the lives of hundreds of children in their group foster home. I am so fortunate that my children have a great environment to thrive and learn, but many children are not as fortunate. The boys and girls growing up at SOS are important to Sheri and me, as we have seen first hand the impact the right cause can have on the lives of a foster child. SOS Village graduates 100% of their foster children from high school and most go on to a secondary education. I appreciate all the support you can give in 2020, as I know many of us are dealing with our own hardships. Any donation helps these children have a chance at a better life. Dont worry if this year you cant give money please share on social media or give your time. Together we can make a difference in their lives!

Sincerely - Sheri & Famous Rhodes



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1. Mark Halick
2. Paul & Tracy Boyd
Way to make great things happen in the community! May our donation grow 10 fold...
3. Diana And Jon Noble
4. Sherry Gillespie
5. Stan & Margie Adamson
Love this cause!
6. Jon Ferrando
This is a great cause Famous! Thank you for your leadership Chairing it.

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