Countdown to Steps for SOS 2018
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Welcome to Georgia Rattray's Page

Georgia Rattray

Thank you for visiting. The boys and girls growing up at SOS are important to me and I appreciate all the support I can get as I take steps this fall to help make their lives better! Together we can make a difference in their lives!

At SOS Children’s Village siblings are not separated so as not to add to their trauma once they have been removed from living with parents who aren’t capable of providing a safe and/or substance free environment. This November 3rd, I'm participating in Steps for SOS, a 5K Run/Walk for SOS Children's Village - Florida. Every step I take will make a difference for the lives of the almost 100 foster children growing up in the Village.

Every dollar I raise helps give these children a safe home, an enjoyable childhood and the services and tools they need to grow into successful young men and women.
$25 provides a foster child with necessary personal care items for a month
$50 provides a child with meals for two weeks
$75 provides a child with basic utilities (lights, water, phone/internet) for a month
$100 provides an SOS family the funds for a child to participate in extracurricular activities
$250 provides a foster child with new clothes and shoes

If you are feeling extra generous, please consider sharing my page with your friends and family too.

Thank you for your support!




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I do it all for the kids. Good job Georgia
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Keep up the good work Georgia!
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Helping Georgia support a great cause!
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