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Team Rockin Robin


Team Rockin Robin- Steps for SOS 2019 Team Page

Team Rockin Robin

Most of you know that I have volunteered and supported the SOS Children's Village for a long time. I mentor, support fundraisers and volunteer at events. I have been a mentor to a 16 year old girl for 3.5 years now. It is a very rewarding experience for both of us!
The most important thing that SOS Children's Village does is keep siblings together in foster care. This is so imperative and it makes the Village so welcoming and comforting to these children.
My mother Bev, who recently passed away, felt very strong about all the good that SOS Children's Village did for these foster children. In her memory, please make a donation to SOS Children's Village by supporting Team Rockin Robin.

You can donate to Team Rockin Robin at:

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