Countdown to Steps for SOS 2018
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Welcome to Samone Gibson's Page

Samone Gibson

Thank you for visiting. The boys and girls growing up at SOS are important to me and I appreciate all the support I can get as I take steps this fall to help make their lives better! This is the third year that I have participated in this wonderful event.

Every dollar we raise helps give these wonderful boys and girls a happy childhood, a safe home, a caring family and the services and tools they need to grow into successful young adults. Just to give you an idea of where your donation could make a difference:

$25 provides a foster child with necessary personal care items for a month
$50 provides a child with meals for two weeks
$75 provides a child with basic utilities (lights, water, phone/internet) for a month
$100 provides an SOS family the funds for a child to participate in extracurricular activities
$250 provides a foster child with new clothes and shoes

Together we can make a difference in their lives!

Best - Samone



raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. CKCindy King
Congratulations, Samone on your fundraising!! This is a great cause - so happy to help :)
2. SFStephen Finley
Keep up the great work!
3. KBKassandra Bosire
Samone, Please accept my donation to SOS Children's Village Florida.
4. JEJeannine Elique
5. NBNorvel Bethel
6. KKarina Ramirez

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