Sample Event

Join us on sample date

We want to make sure you're READY for this exciting and fun event! Here are some helpful tips to make sure you're good to go. 

1. Protect your phone: The color run chalk is washable but your cell phone isn't! Protect your phone and other valuables by keeping them in a sandwich bag, fanny pack, or backpack 

2. Get ready to get MESSY: To avoid getting color chalk in your eyes, nose, and mouth we recommend wearing your sunglasses and using a bandana or buff

3. Post Color Run: You did it! Now you have to drive home. Like we said this chalk is washable! Bring a towel or baby wipes to clean up before getting in your car. You may want to bring a towel, baby wipes, bag to place your race clothes in, and a change of clothes. 

4. Have FUN with it: Take before and after photos with your team! Plan to dress up for this event - GET CREATIVE! Neon colors, team t-shirts, tutu's, boas, wigs... give it all you got. That Team Spirit Award is up for grabs after all. Don't forget, it's not that complicated. Come ready to have a good time for a good cause! 

For additional questions please reach out to Jenna at or 954-695-2879