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Soraya Hernandez
SOS Children’s Villages Florida is a residential foster care community providing excellent programs and services for children whose parents are unable to give them the care they need.

Special emphasis is placed on keeping biological siblings together.
They also offer support to 200 young adults throughout South Florida who have aged out of foster care. These young adults receive personalized services provided by our life coaches.

The boys and girls growing up at SOS are important to me and I appreciate all the support I can get as I take steps this spring to help make their lives better!
$15 Haircut
$25 Birthday Celebration
$40 Pampers & Formula for a Week
$50 Shoes for Teen
$65 Extra Curricular Activities
$75 Life Skills Class for Teens
$80 A Teen can buy their Highschool Yearbook
$100 Sends an 8th Grade Student to End of the Year Trip
$250 Funds 2 Children to Summer Camp
$500 Provides Highschool Seniors the funds to attend homecoming, senior prom, senior pictures and getting their class ring!

Together we can make a difference in their lives! Best - Soraya


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