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Robin Cohen

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Welcome to Rockin Robins Donation Page

Robin Cohen

I have volunteered and mentored at SOS Children's Village for over 10 years! The boys and girls growing up at SOS are important to me and I appreciate all the support I can get as I take "virtual" steps this fall to help make their lives better! The goal of SOS Village is to keep foster children together with their siblings! The Village has 13 houses and there are an average of 70 children living there. They receive 50% of their funds from the state and the other 50% from donations such as yours! Now more than ever they need your support since Covid-19 has cancelled their major annual fundraiser this year! Together we can make a difference in the lives of these very deserving children!! Together we can make a difference in their lives! Last year I was the #1 Individual Fundraiser! I hope to achieve that again this year! Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!
With my love,



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Recent Donations

1. Candy Cohn
Thanks for all you do to support those in need!
2. Lisa Myers
SOS Village is a wonderful place! Thanks to all who help these kids have a better life.
3. Rhonda And Mr P
We're rockin with you from NYC!
4. Dennis Shuman
Always pleased to support SOS Children's Village!
5. Silverstein Family
Wishing Robin all the best in her move. So happy for her to be closer to her children & grandchildren. Obviously we will all miss seeing her in person, though these past few months make us realize the ease of virtually keeping in touch. Love you Robin!
6. Robin Cohen